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Food Nutrition Labels Are Getting A Makeover

For consumers, making healthy food choices at the grocery store may soon get a little easier.

That’s because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing several changes to the nutrition labels that appear on packaged foods and beverages. If approved, the new labels would place a bigger emphasis on total calories, added sugars and certain nutrients, such as Vitamin D and potassium.

It’s the first overhaul for nutrition labels since the FDA began requiring them more than 20 years ago.

The new labels would remove the "calories from fat" line, focusing instead on total calories found in each serving. Nutritionists now understand that the type of fat eaten means more than the calories from fat, so the breakdown of total fat vs. saturated and trans fat would remain.

The FDA is also proposing changes to serving-size requirements to more accurately reflect what people really eat or drink. For example, if you buy a 20-ounce soda, you're not likely to stop drinking at the 8-ounce mark. New rules would require that entire soda bottle to be considered one serving size.

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