FMLA Absence Management

If not managed effectively, FMLA absences can impact the morale of co-workers and supervisors as well as disrupt schedules, increase costs via necessitating overtime and negatively impact productivity.

FMLA Absence Management with The OMS

While an important benefit for those really in need, FMLA time off can be abused by a small minority, as may often be the case with all well-intended benefit programs. Our team of physicians and experienced support staff provide a proficient FMLA Clarification and 2nd and 3rd Opinion Program which effectively control the major costs associated with FMLA benefits. Here’s how we do it:
  • Conduct a qualified review and active monitoring of conditions that cause time loss by: Authenticating requests against standards defined within the FMLA Act.
  • Collecting and evaluating information regarding employee’s medical status
  • Evaluating and clarifying information from employee’s healthcare provider
  • Efficiently using 2nd and 3rd opinions

Our niche is that we provide Doctor-To-Doctor Service: Cases are assigned to physicians by specialty to ensure the most accurate and useful information. OMS physicians speak directly with the healthcare provider certifying employee’s condition. Clear, concise typewritten reports are prepared and personally signed by the OMS physicians. Our physicians are available and experienced with testifying in depositions and court hearings. Our physicians are Board-Certified in Occupational Medicine and Psychiatry and hold active licenses in 24 states. 

And, we have Trained Support Staff:
  • Project coordinators apply precise tracking measures for timely compliance
  • Aggressive and proven follow-up procedures ensure prompt turnaround time

Learn how a structured FMLA Program can benefit your company.

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