Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational and Environmental Medicine?

Occupational medicine is a subspecialty of Preventive Medicine.  This branch of medicine is concerned with the appraisal, maintenance, restoration and improvement of the health of the worker through application of principles of preventive medicine, emergency medical care, rehabilitation, and control of environmental hazards; the promotion of safe productive and fulfilling interaction of the worker with the work environment through the application of principles of human behavior and ergonomics; the active appreciation of the social, economic and administrative needs of both the worker and the work community; and a health and safety team approach involving cooperation of the physician with industrial hygienists and services to promote nurses and safety personnel.

The occupational setting is important both as a source of potential hazards and as a site for health promotion activities.  Health promotion at the worksite can provide information and protection related to all potential workplace hazards for employees, including stress, as well as offer activities and services to promote healthier lifestyles. Industry can help reduce the exorbitant health care costs and also improve employee’s health by managing occupational and safety resources wisely and imaginatively.  The best way for business to manage these resources is to join forces with the Occupational Medicine Specialists. The OMS, Ltd. can assist businesses in maintaining a healthy work force by offering a comprehensive range of clinical, ancillary, health promotion, educational, administrative and consulting services. As occupational physicians, we are uniquely trained in, studying, managing and preventing individual and group health issues.

What does the Occupational Physician do?

Occupational physicians practice to ensure effective prevention and appropriate management of illness and injury due to work, and where prevention has not been fully successful; ensure the appropriate rehabilitation of people, with facilitation of their timely return to work. Occupational physicians are also concerned with the management of people who have illness or disability unrelated to work, but for whom their workplace may require appropriate adjustment.