Clinical Services

OMS provides a comprehensive range of occupational medical services both on-call nationwide and through our fully equipped medical offices located in downtown Chicago.

Consulting Medical Director

The OMS provides "as needed" services of a Consulting Medical Director. With our in-house medical clinic and associated satellite health care providers, OMS delivers hands-on medical services to companies located throughout the United States. OMS board-certified physicians are trained and experienced in all facets of occupational medicine and apply their expertise to program design and implementation, quality control, problem solving, crisis management, and policy setting. Answers and solutions to your medical surveillance, OSHA compliance, FMLA, ADA, & short-term disability medical questions are just a phone call away.  We can help you design and implement effective programs specific to your situation.

Medical Surveillance Programs

The OMS physicians are experienced in designing and implementing medical programs for a wide variety of companies. Medical surveillance can be defined as medically examining workers over time to determine the effects of exposure, the impact of exposure on organ systems and body function. The intent of a rational, comprehensive medical surveillance program is to prevent occupationally related disease in workers potentially exposed to toxic agents at the work site, and to find trends before disease occurs, or before it becomes clinically overt. Our physicians are well versed in issues of medical test reliability and quality assurance of tests and exam data, all of which are essential to an effective program.


The OMS Board-Certified occupational medicine physicians perform pre-employment, fitness-for-duty, and return-to-work examinations to determine a worker’s ability to safely perform a proposed job based on its physical requirements and job description. OMS offers standard and specialized examinations covering a wide range of occupations and regulatory requirements.

OSHA & EPA Compliance Examinations

The OMS provides OSHA compliance examinations for lead and asbestos workers, respirator-wearers and hazardous materials workers. These examinations are carried out at regular intervals to identify and track possible work-related health problems. Our physicians can order testing, review results & OSHA history forms, and provide medical clearance for respirator-wearers for client plant locations around the US.

Hearing Conservation Programs

The OMS provides comprehensive hearing conservation programs to our clients.  The 1983 OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard (25 CFR 1910.95 (g)(3)) requires that every program have an audiologist, otolaryngologist or physician review problem audiograms, determine the need for further evaluation and reset the baseline audiogram as needed.  A physician makes the final determination whether or not a standard threshold shift is work related or aggravated by occupational noise exposure.  The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) has developed a scope of practice document for the Professional Supervisor whose role encompasses all of these OSHA requirements. (  The OMS provides the services of a CAOHC Certified Professional Supervisor to a variety of clients with hearing conservation programs.  OMS CAOHC Certified Hearing Conservationist performs audiograms at our medical office. 

Immigration Examinations, certified by USCIS Civil Surgeons

The OMS provides required I-693 examinations for immigrants in accordance with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Each evaluation includes an examination performed according to the medical guidelines established by the USCIS and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all required laboratory test and vaccinations; and completion of all the necessary paperwork.  Our USCIS Designated Civil Surgeons are experienced with the medical requirements of these examinations and OMS stocks all necessary vaccines.  Chest X-rays can be done in our facility when required.

Drug Screening & Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

The OMS performs DOT and non DOT drug screen collections by appointment and walk in.  Our collectors are certified to do urine, hair, blood, and alcohol drug screen collections.  Breath alcohol testing is done using a DOT approved evidential breath alcohol testing instrument (EBI) by certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs).  Our medical review officers personally make contact with all individuals with positive results and are available to consult with human resources personnel as needed.

Respirator Fit Testing

The OMS performs both qualitative & quantitative respirator fit testing and medical clearance of workers required to wear respiratory protective equipment. OSHA standards require that fit testing be performed annually after the initial fit test, and any time a new respirator is issued to the worker. Fit testing can be performed by appointment at OMS’ clinic, or onsite at client’s work sites for groups of employees.